Differentiate your Neisseria isolates

N. meningitidis or N. gonorrhoeae?

gga A recently published HPA-BASHH document warns of the possibility of NAAT platforms for N. gonorrhoeae giving false positive results, especially with rectal and pharangeal specimens.


'Rectal and pharyngeal specimens contain higher levels (than genital sites) of closely related Neisseria sp. which have the capacity to cause false positive results when NAAT platforms are used''

BASHH & PHE - Guidance for gonorrhoea testing in England


Another recently updated HPA document highlights the difficulties encountered differentiating N. meningitidis from N. gonorrhoeae and the value of gamma-glutamylaminotransferase in achieving this.

''Maltose negative strains of N. meningitidis have been described and may be differentiated from N. gonorrhoeae by their ability to produce gamma-glutamylaminotransferase''

PHE- Standards for Microbiology Investigations - Identification of Neisseria species


BioConnections offers a simple, inexpensive, 4 hour test for detecting gamma-glutamylaminotransferase. This test has proved its worth over several years in laboratories serving major GUM clinics.

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